Ductless Air Conditioning Solution: Unlock Year-Round Comfort

Summer energy bills can easily make you lose your cool as the temperatures outside begin to heat up. Traditional HVAC systems work by cooling your entire home, but depending on the size of your home and the number of rooms being used, that can be both wasteful and costly.

Many homeowners are turning to ductless air conditioning systems (also known as mini-splits) as an energy-efficient and cost-effective solution. A split AC ductless system works by linking interior room units to an exterior compressor. Warm air is transferred from the room, through the evaporator coils in each of the individual interior units to the unit outside.

When planning your seasonal energy budget, it pays to be proactive. Keep reading to see how a ductless AC system can potentially save you money in the long run…

Not sure if a ductless AC system is for you? Here are three benefits to remember:

  1. You’re in control.

Unlike a window unit, a split AC ductless system is made up of both an interior air handling unit and an exterior compressor or condenser unit. They work together to transfer energy and create a cool and quiet environment.

The indoor air handler unit is typically mounted to a wall or ceiling, and depending on the system, multiple units can be placed inside your home, cooling up to five rooms or zones with only one outside unit. Connected by copper tubing on the outside of the house, refrigerant flows between the exterior unit and each individual interior unit.

Perfect for additions, areas of your home without an HVAC duct, or folks looking to downsize to living in a smaller section of their homes—each interior unit comes with its own remote, putting temperature control in the palm of your hand.

  1. You can save money and the environment.

Chances are you are not using every area of your house all of the time. So why bother cooling them all? According to EnergyStar, A typical household’s energy bill is around $1,900 annually, and almost half of that goes to heating and cooling!”

By creating specific zones with a ductless mini or multi-split air conditioner, you only cool the areas you want when you need them. Ductless units tend to have a higher SEER rating (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) than other AC options because they conserve energy over time.

More than 30% of energy consumption gets lost in the ducts of central air systems. This is because the longer air has to travel, the more likely it is to change in temperature. For example, somebody might set air being pumped out from the unit to a particular temperature, but it won’t stay that cool when it reaches its destination, especially if there are holes or cracks in the ducts. All of these variables make your unit work harder to maintain the desired temp. Because mini-split units avoid using ducts, you can decide how much energy you want to spend to cool a particular area of your home.

  1. You can use it all year round.

With a ductless mini-split system, you get both a cooling and heating system in one. No more lugging heavy window units out of the attic or wondering when is the best time to install them.

While the initial installation cost of a ductless system is higher than a window unit or standard AC, you can cover a broader area by installing multiple head units in various zones and quickly switching between heating and cooling to reach your favorite temperature in specific areas of your home at any time of year.

Want to learn more about how a ductless system can help you lower your energy bills this summer? No sweat! We’re happy to answer your questions and find the best solution for you. Reliable home comfort is just a call or click away.

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