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Building a
solid reputation takes time.

And ours is over 65 years in the making.

Licensed, Bonded, & Insured

5-star rating with 800+ reviews

A+ Better Business Bureau rating

Proudly serving Topeka since 1958

Topeka isn’t just our
service area, it’s our home.

And we serve, support, and volunteer here every chance we get.

Blue Dot has been a well-known staple in the Topeka community for 65 years and counting. And as a plumbing, HVAC and electrical company, you don’t develop the kind of trustworthy reputation and long-term customers we enjoy by doing locals a disservice—we’ve earned every one of our five stars by making reliable repairs, building meaningful customer relationships, and giving back to this community we call home.

"We love Topeka’s laid back community and small town feel. We’re so grateful to be here, giving back to the community that’s given us so much."

Mike Cholewa

Blue Dot General Manager

Every one of our 40+ employees–in the field and in the office–is Blue Dot family.

We believe empowered employees are happy employees.

That’s why we’re committed to training harder, learning more, and leveling-up—personally and professionally. We give every one of our licensed plumbers, electricians, expert HVAC techs, and exceptional support staff opportunities to advance in the field and take ownership over their work. Because when we care for our team, they care for our customers. Our unmatched customer service and reliable workmanship is built on these core values:

Take care of customers while having fun.

We put the customer first. In every call, every estimate, and every job. At Blue Dot, we also take every opportunity to live lighthearted and enjoy what we do.

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Stand by your work and make it right. Always.

We offer the best guarantees because we do the best work.

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