4 Ways to Prepare for Your Air Conditioning Installation

The average air conditioning unit lasts around 10-15 years—or longer, with annual preventative maintenance. But even if you keep your unit in perfect condition, change your filters every few months, and call for a Blue Dot tune-up every summer, chances are, you’ll need an air conditioner replacement every now and then.

While having a new air conditioning unit installed may not be your favorite way to spend a summer afternoon, there are a few things you can do to help the installation run smoothly!

Getting ready for an air conditioning installation? These 4 tips can speed up the process!

  1. Make space for your air conditioning installers to work

Clear any furniture or other items from the area where your air conditioning installation will take place. If leaves and debris have accumulated around your old unit, sweep them back. Trim any bushes and landscaping that may impede ‌your professional’s ability to work around your unit.

  1. Clear your walkways

Your air conditioning installers will be entering and exiting your home and yard a few times throughout the installation process. If any outdoor furniture, gates, equipment, or tripping hazards block the pathway to your unit or front door, move them to the side. Pull back any rugs that could get caught under foot, and move breakable items away from the areas your installers will be working.

At Blue Dot, our air conditioning installation techs treat every home and business with utmost care and respect. But lugging heavy equipment around your prized antique heirlooms is a risk no home comfort professional wants to take!

  1. Take your pets to another room

Don’t get us wrong, we love pets! But an over-excited dog eagerly following your installers back and forth to the van, or announcing their presence with an enthusiastic bark, can pose a safety risk. And because many air conditioning parts are particularly appealing to curious chewers, it’s best to keep your pets safely away from the whole work area, indoors and outside, until our job is complete.

  1. Once your air conditioning installation team arrives, unlock any necessary gates and entry way

As your installers move equipment and tools in and out of your home, an auto-locking door or tricky gate can slow their progress. After all, you don’t want to spend your day running to the front door every time your tech needs to come back inside! If your air conditioning unit will be installed behind a gate, consider propping the gate open during installation for ease of access.

At Blue Dot, our trusted techs make upgrading your A/C a breeze!

Our flexible financing options and best-in-Topeka parts & labor warranty mean installing a new A/C or HVAC unit might just be the easiest decision you’ll make all summer. Call 785-272-1633 or fill out our contact form to request a free estimate, and don’t forget to ask about our summer savings specials!

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