Air Conditioning Replacement Research? Here’s Budget Advice!

If your cooling equipment is over 15 years old, too small for your home, or less-than-reliable, then it may be time to start thinking about a full air conditioning replacement. And while this system upgrade may not be the most exciting update you’ll make to your home this year, it can be one of the most valuable!

A new high-efficiency HVAC unit can reduce your annual energy usage by up to 20%—saving your family hundreds of dollars every year. And installing a new unit this season means lower maintenance costs and fewer repair bills for years to come. Plus, today’s modern air conditioning systems are quieter, cleaner, and more powerful than ever, so you can trade sweaty summers for cooler ones without breaking your budget!

As you’re considering an air conditioning replacement, here are three things to budget for:

  1. The up-front purchase and installation

The cost of a new air conditioner varies based on the system’s size, features, and brand. Some new units come with built-in air purification in the form of advanced filtration or bacteria-killing UV lights. These features increase the unit’s cost but can save you money on in-home filtration solutions. Other units, like those for smaller homes or houses that aren’t occupied year-round, are more basic and compact—and more affordable than you may think!

When calculating the cost of a new air conditioner, don’t forget to include:

The total cost of your new A/C unit and installation will vary based on the HVAC professionals you choose. But when you partner with Blue Dot for your air conditioning replacement here in Topeka, our up-front pricing and built-in 1-year parts and labor warranty save customers cash and keep them cool. We even offer flexible financing options for qualified buyers. Ask about our same-as-cash financing and on-budget payment plans to learn more!

  1. Ongoing energy usage

The second cost to keep in mind when preparing for an air conditioning replacement is your ongoing energy usage rate.

Price may be the first thing you consider when comparing air conditioning replacement options, but keep in mind that one of the biggest determiners of your long-term budget is the unit’s efficiency. A unit with built-in air quality features and an extremely efficient cooling system may be more expensive up front, but can pay for itself over the next 10-15 years (or more, with proper maintenance!).

On the other hand, a cheaper unit will chill your rooms, but in the dog days of summer, you’ll pay more for that cool comfort.

Another benefit to opting for a more efficient unit is the opportunity to reduce your up-front cost with a rebate or incentive. Did you know some high-efficiency HVAC units are eligible for a federal tax credit of up to $600? That can help offset the up-front cost of a better quality system—and save you even more all summer.

  1. Warranty and Annual Preventative Maintenance

The third cost to keep in mind, and the one most frequently overlooked, is your unit’s warranty and ongoing service plan. A good warranty and a comprehensive maintenance plan are the most cost-effective ways to stretch your budget over the lifetime of your unit.

Here at Blue Dot, every HVAC installation includes a complimentary 1-year parts and labor warranty. But we also offer an unbeatable, best-in-Topeka 10-year warranty that delivers a decade of peace of mind for one low up-front price. With a decade-long warranty in place, you have the potential to save hundreds or thousands in service and repair costs.

Another great value to ask your HVAC installation team about is their annual maintenance plan. Every company offers a different option at a different cost. For example, at Blue Dot, our Healthy Home Plan program includes an annual inspection, unit cleaning, fresh filters, priority scheduling, and discounts on all other services—all for one low cost. Finding an annual maintenance plan that’s comprehensive and affordable doesn’t just extend the overall life of your unit—it ensures your unit operates at peak performance, year after year.

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